Rocky Mountain HHH
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Type of Hash: Mixed, Mainly x-country; within 90 min. of Calgary
Runs: bi-weekly (less so in winter), Summer Sat or Sun at 2pm
Cost: $6.00 for normal runs. Includes 2 beer, down-downs, and munchies
Pack Size: 15-25
Contacts: Karmin "Hyena" McKay, (403) 990-1985,
Gerald "Skewbic Hair" Bruce, (403) 251-9069,
Founded: 1999-06-05
by: Don "Lumberjack" Edwards, Calgary HHH
Andy "Stranger" Parsons, Calgary HHH
Sandra "Right Bun" Reddekopp, Calgary HHH
Don "007" Vandergrift, Calgary HHH
Marie "Party" Kellow, Calgary HHH
Ron "Nipple Detector" Cochrane, Calgary HHH